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Servicing Solutions is committed to providing a wide range of learning and development opportunities for its associates and leaders.

The learning process begins with new hire training when a new associate joins the company and continues throughout their tenure. We also offer a variety of development opportunities for the leaders of the organization.

New Hire Training

Providing for all Servicing Solutions’ associates as they begin their career with us. Our course is a combination of classroom training and “On-the-Floor” training called gateway training. Classroom training can last up to 3 weeks and includes lecture, hands-on activities, and side-by-side on the floor. Trainees must obtain passing scores on the quizzes, a test on FDCPA, and a final exam.

Gateway Training

An extension of the new hire classroom training. The learning environment transitions the associate from the classroom to their position on the servicing floor. The focus of the development is on catching them doing the job right and applying the wealth of information covered in the classroom.                                                                                                                                                     

Leadership Training

Focuses on developing the management and leadership skill sets of our leaders. We have a selection of management and leadership books that expose leaders to relevant management concepts. The concepts are discussed in a group setting led by the core management team. Additional training sessions focus on the processes and tasks of being a leader.

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