We have created the world’s most adaptable concierge servicing offering

What Makes us Different


We work tirelessly to find customized solutions that fit each of our clients’ very specific and individual needs, rather than trying to fit them into a rigid, one-size-fits-all model.  And we’re designed for scalability: Our clients need only to utilize the resources currently needed, with the ability to expand and upgrade when the time is right.


We are 100 percent transparent, proactive and consistent communicators. We won’t nickel-and-dime you. Ever. We offer all-inclusive pricing so that there are no surprises. A fair and balanced approach is the best approach.

Cutting-edge Technology

Our advanced omni-channel contact center solution, intelligent virtual assistants and automated workflow process drives performance to optimal levels of productivity & efficiency.

Actionable Analytics

We leverage data-driven analytics to create predictive probability models that increase contact, recovery, and efficiency. Our technology & analytics improve the overall customer experience.


We become part of your team. We don’t simply say “we work as an extension of your team,” we actually do it. We dive in and get to work to understand your business model. We are that invested in your bottom line.  We make recommendations that are what we would do if we owned the company.  We bring you the right strategic partners.


As we continue to grow and experience success, we will remain focused on multiple agilities within our organization… from analytical and operational, to inventive, communicative and visionary. By doing so, we will avoid falling into the trap of becoming complacent, something that has become far too common in our industry and was the driving force behind the decision to start Servicing Solutions.


Loan Servicing

In primary loan servicing, we either manage the process beginning-to-end or provide an a la cart solution to your solve specific challenges. Multiple back up servicing solutions are available, from cold backup to hot plus back up, in which a percentage of the portfolio is worked in conjunction with your current loan servicer to greatly reduce the transition time to successor servicer should the need arise.

Asset Recovery

More data points, an unmatched commitment to compliance, all expertise in-house by an independent provider, and bespoke solutions.

Omnichannel Contact Center

Through strong strategic relationships and a strict adherence to the highest standards of vendor management, we have high performing domestic and off-shore call centers across a variety of locations. Service level targets are clear, measured metrics that we scrutinize, evaluate and drive performance by.

Business Process Outsourcing

Advanced engagement technologies. Customer insights. Flexible staffing. Digital transformation. As a BPO, we are focused on increasing your efficiencies and ensuring a stellar customer experience.

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