• Robust nationwide network of fully compliant, thoroughly-vetted agents
  • Customizable repossession strategy
  • Results optimized utilizing probability of repossession modeling, agency scorecards and best in class industry platforms
  • Internal skip tracing group

Skip Tracing

  • Seasoned investigators who thrive on the art of the hunt
  • Utilizing all industry-leading technology enhanced with our proprietary deep dive investigation approach
  • Multiple comprehensive contact data sources
  • Compliant with all state and federal data privacy rules


  • Higher retention values with:
    • A proven quick, efficient process yielding short cycle times
    • Utilizing our preferred nationwide auction network
  • Established discounted rates with auctions, suppliers, and sublet vendors
  • Customized remarketing programs including auto auctions,
  • online platforms, and retail remarketing

Why Servicing Solutions Asset Recovery?


Our probability of repossession model combines customer’s personal data along with external data sources to predict the likelihood of repossessing a vehicle within the first six days of assignment. This knowledge combined with our propriety repossession agency scorecard enables us to have vehicles repossessed faster, more efficiently and at the most effective price point.


The Compliance Management System (CMS) at Servicing Solutions stands at the very foundation of our company culture, and it is embedded in everything we do. We strictly engineered our CMS by state and federal laws, regulations, and guidelines and generated a comprehensive compliance program built on the four elements critical to any successful Compliance Management System:

  • Senior Leadership and Management Oversight
  • Strong Compliance Program
  • Consumer Complaint Management Program
  • Independent Compliance Audit

This generates a noticeable advantage and sets us apart from other servicing organizations in the industry.

We are leading our industry with all our preferred repossession agents being “RISC Pro Certified”, and by financially incentivizing our nationwide repossession agent network to achieve a higher level of compliance and education standards. Our agents’ employees have all been trained through the CARS National Certification program, as well as having all their compliance documentation in the cloud with automatic expiration notifications.


You’ll experience all your recovery services: repossession, and skip tracing, and remarketing with one true capable provider. Thus, eliminating transfer and processing errors and avoiding increased cycle times.

Decisions are based on Key Performance Indicators and what is best for our clients.

We select the highest ranked, top performing repossession companies in the market and the highest retention performing remarketing channels regardless of ownership affiliations.

Our unique retail remarketing program ensures that the right vehicle in the right markets can be sold for retail dollars as opposed to wholesale dollars.


One solution does not fit all. We leverage our expertise and we evaluate your goals and challenges to develop a fully-customized solution that is suited to fit your unique business.

Stronger predictive models, unmatched commitment to compliance and in-house expertise.