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Meet Some of Our Newest Teammates

I started working at Servicing Solutions a little over a month and a half ago. Andrew Coffey reached out to me about an opportunity to help him build a go-to-market organization, something that I had been doing with teams like his through the company I worked with previously for over four years. The timing was uncanny; I found myself among the hundreds of thousands impacted by sudden reductions in force (RIFs) at the beginning of this year. I applied for over two hundred jobs and participated in dozens of interviews but had yet to find (or be found as) the right fit. A candidate’s life cycle is grueling and one that comes with a lot of competition, rejection, and self-doubt. Most of the positions that I would pursue would have hundreds of applicants within the first few hours of posting. Standing out had a lot to do with timing, but in many cases, it was more about who you know.

Andrew was given my information by a former colleague of mine. One who I admire and respect, so the referral alone was flattering. I must say, however, it was a keen recommendation on their part. When Andrew and I sat down for the first time, it felt like we had been working together for years. We both come from a background that emphasizes the importance of customer experience and share the view that there is no reason it should not be held at the forefront of any revenue team. Our appetites were aligned, so we immediately jumped into a discussion about building a foundation of clean and consistent processes in order to effectively scale a team. Mind you, this was technically a “screening interview,” but it quickly became clear that we would complement each other. It did not take long after that for a partnership to be formed. Before I knew it, I accepted an offer and booked a flight to Anaheim. I was ready for this new chapter and the opportunity to help build something great.

Servicing Solutions was founded by a group of people who possess the experience and intention to rethink going to market in a perennial industry, and we have maintained that mindset for almost six years. Our teams are built around collaboration and flexibility. We bring on talent with diverse backgrounds who can offer insight into the challenges we are facing, regardless of their direct title. Projects are always a team effort and involve the participation of all arms of the business. It is rare for one’s scope to be narrow because of this mindset – read: we wear a lot of hats – but we share a common goal of creating a space that cultivates quality and stability.

In an effort to continue expanding our proficiencies, we have made several key hires over the past few months to help bolster our workforce. No, I am not talking about that of my own, although I am confident that my skillset was meaningful addition to the equation. Instead, I am referring to two new members of our Irving, Texas, office: Jeff McCown and Steven Goodwin. Jeff stepped in as the Vice President of Business Process Development at the beginning of May, and Steven soon followed as the Director of Compliance towards the end of June. The two have over ten years of experience, respectively, in their fields, from which they each bring their own unique perspectives. I had the opportunity to speak with Jeff and Steven about their backgrounds, what led them to Servicing Solutions, and how they intend to make an impact from day one.

Adrian Frattini (AF): What were you doing before you joined Servicing Solutions (SS)?

Jeff McCown (JM): Prior to joining SS, I worked for SKOPOS/Reprise Financial, an Indirect Auto and Direct Consumer. I held various positions during my tenure of 10 years, including, Director of Operations and, most recently, Vice President of Business Process Management.

Steven Goodwin (SG): Before joining SS, I spent the last 15+ years working in Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management in the banking, financial services, and fintech industries, ensuring I am well versed in the management and oversight of all consumer lending and servicing regulatory requirements.

AF: What went into your decision to join SS?

JM: Several factors led to my decision to join SS. Most notably, the group of individuals I spoke with along the way as I learned more about the organization during initial conversations. The visions of operational excellence, growth, creating efficiencies through process improvement, and client satisfaction were shared and important to me.

SG: After going through the hiring process and conducting my personal due diligence on the products, services, and reputation of SS, it was a no-brainer that this is where I want to spend the next several chapters of my career.

AF: What have you enjoyed about your experience so far?

JM: Learning current processes, getting to know my co-workers, and putting out a few fires along the way from a system perspective.

SG: The culture, transparency, and forward-thinking approach that appears to be the norm are just a few things that I am enjoying during my short time here.

AF: What are some things you hope to help us accomplish?

JM: I want to assist with the development of a culture centered around teamwork, transparency, ownership, and efficient effectiveness. I believe these are keys to a successful organization.

SG: Short answer, the sky is the limit. However, from a compliance perspective, I hope to build upon the accomplishments of my predecessor, ensuring that the Compliance Management Program (CMP) is integrated into the overall framework for product design, delivery, and administration across the entire organization.

AF: Have you set any goals for yourself or your team so far?

JM: We want to create processes within our operating platforms that flow seamlessly between departments as we work accounts for our clients. I would also like to provide all of the tools necessary to be as effective as we can, with as few steps as possible, to resolve accounts.

SG: I am most focused on learning and understanding the products, services, and processes so that I can establish effective and realistic goals.

AF: What else would you like to share about yourself?

JM: I am in my 22nd year of marriage to my lovely wife. I have a 10-year-old son who thinks he is 18 and knows everything thanks to the internet. We love to camp and spend quality time outdoors when it is not 800 degrees outside. I have a passion for cooking barbeque and have had the pleasure of cooking alongside many of the best pitmasters in Texas at some of the largest BBQ festivals in the state, most notably, the Texas Monthly BBQ festival in Lockhart. My wife and I enjoy entertaining and cooking for guests whenever we have the opportunity and time permits.

SG: I love the performing arts, traveling, and spending quality time with family and friends, and I have an embarrassing addiction to Albanese Gummy Bears and Planter’s Honey Roasted Cashews.

We are extremely lucky to have both Jeff and Steven on board. Our priorities are in lockstep, and they fit seamlessly into the innovative culture that Servicing Solutions was built around. Personally, I am eager to work with a renowned BBQ pitmaster and a snack food aficionado – my wife introduced me to Albanese Gummy Bears, and they are truly no joke. 

Our effort to expand does not stop here. We are constantly looking for new people to bring on that will help us shift the way partnerships are formed in our industry. Do you think you could be a good fit? Take a look at our open positions and apply today.