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The key benefits of using Servicing Solutions for auto impound and repossession services.

The key benefits of using Servicing Solutions for auto impound and repossession services are:

Large Agent Network: Servicing Solutions has access to a vast network of hundreds of contracted and insured repossession agents across the country. This allows them to efficiently locate and recover assets in multiple locations.

Expert Skip Tracing: Servicing Solutions employs highly experienced skip tracers and has access to expensive data sources, providing valuable information to locate debtors and assets.

Live License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology: Servicing Solutions utilizes powerful LPR technology connected to a national system of nearly 4000 camera-equipped repo trucks and spotter vehicles. This network scans over 160 million license plates every month, significantly increasing the chances of locating vehicles out for repossession.

Streamlined Solutions: Servicing Solutions offers end-to-end recovery services that combine repossession, skip tracing, and remarketing under one roof, minimizing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Customized Approach: Servicing Solutions tailors its solutions to each client’s specific requirements, providing scalable resources while aligning with their brand’s culture and values.

By leveraging Servicing Solutions’ expertise and advanced technologies, lenders can effectively manage their repossession needs while mitigating risks and protecting their interests in the dynamic auto finance industry.