Customer Experience

Using Gamification to Drive Results

As a trusted Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Partner, Servicing Solutions caters to a wide variety of needs. At our core, we specialize in bolstering a company’s workforce with talented representatives with a keen expertise in loan servicing and support staff augmentation. While they manage different facets, their shared essence lies in proper coverage and versatility. 

The nature of these partnerships poses unique challenges for the teams being deployed, particularly when it comes to performance management. Members of these teams are joining a new environment with its own culture. Good or bad, it is a transition that yields an inherent adjustment period and requires creative incentives to motivate performance.

At first glance, loan servicing and staff augmentation might seem worlds apart. For example, backup servicing is a contingency plan to ensure that loan administration continues seamlessly while staff augmentation fills gaps to enhance customer experiences or improve internal operations. Scratch the surface, however, and their similarities become evident.

Both strategies prioritize risk mitigation. Just as backup servicing ensures unforeseen challenges don’t disrupt loan administration, augmenting staff ensures that the designated process remains uninterrupted and at peak quality, irrespective of internal resource limitations. Each approach is about foresight, preparedness, and ensuring continuity—a vital theme in today’s dynamic terrain.

Flexibility is another commonality between these domains. Companies can scale up or down based on needs without incurring long-term overheads. Whether it’s backup servicing stepping in during a primary servicer’s downtime or augmented staff addressing seasonal customer support demands, both models empower businesses to be nimble.

While these services provide tactical solutions to operational challenges, more teams are turning to gamification to drive results. Gamification is self-explanatory; it is the process of turning a routine task or activity into a game or something resemblant to that. This comes in many different shapes and sizes that can vary based on the environment in which it is being implemented but ultimately offers a strategic overlay that amplifies the efficacy of the process overall.

Engagement is a central tenet of gamification. By infusing game-like elements into workflows, we can counteract the detachment that sometimes characterizes outsourced augmented or servicing teams. It is not uncommon for a member of an outsourced staff to feel less invested in the overall mission of the organization they are joining because they are not directly associated with it. Points, leaderboards, and challenges instill a sense of involvement, bridging the emotional and operational gap between in-house teams and externally sourced professionals. This not only aligns everyone with the company’s overarching goals but also teamwork, camaraderie, and performance.

Gamification can also become an avenue for continuous feedback. As teams engage with these mechanics, their performance can be assessed in real-time, ensuring that they remain on track and any gaps are quickly identified and addressed. With clear benchmarks for success and incentives to meet them, representatives know what to strive for and what their results will yield. Conversely, in an environment that needs more creativity and a clear presentation of goals, teams may be more motivated to exceed or, in some cases, even achieve expectations.

Perhaps most importantly, however, gamification celebrates achievements. In an environment where teams are often transitory, recognizing and rewarding contributions can make a difference. It nurtures a culture where everyone, irrespective of their tenure or origin, feels valued and that their contributions are making a difference. Ultimately, it can set a positive tone for an otherwise routine operation. For many, that brings them back to the office daily, which is why we emphasize company culture and employee experience at Servicing Solutions.

These unique concepts converge on a singular objective: delivering excellence. By ensuring operational continuity, filling vital gaps, and fostering engagement through methods like gamification, businesses can navigate today’s complexities with skill and tact. These strategies, when combined, set the stage for innovation, growth, and unparalleled customer experiences.