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Servicing Solutions Joins the National Automative Finance (NAF) Association

Servicing Solutions is excited to announce our new membership with the National Automotive Finance (NAF) Association, the only trade association exclusively serving the non-prime auto financing industry since its inception in 1996. This milestone is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in loan servicing. The NAF Association supports its members and the industry as a whole with comprehensive programs and education, focusing on the growth and enhancement of non-prime automotive financing through ethical and responsible practices. Their initiatives include the Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference, compliance education, and the development of industry standards, all aimed at fostering a sustainable non-prime automotive finance industry. 

At Servicing Solutions, we stand by our firm belief that the private lending industry demands a fundamental transformation. Our mission is to drive meaningful evolution, defying norms and pioneering advancements to deliver unmatched service quality. Our new membership with NAF aligns perfectly with our values and objectives, providing us with access to invaluable resources for education and professional development relating to compliance, regulations, and other meaningful subjects on an ongoing basis.

The NAF Association offers targeted support, including online compliance training programs and a Consumer Credit Compliance Certification Program. This program, designed to tackle the increasingly complex landscape of federal and state regulatory requirements, provides a solid foundation in the laws and regulations governing consumer credit. It consists of self-paced online modules, covering everything from the basics of consumer auto finance regulation to in-depth training on specific federal laws and regulations, as well as a comprehensive overview of state consumer credit law.

Servicing Solutions was born from the firm belief that the loan servicing industry demands a fundamental transformation. Over time, lenders have endured practices that fall below acceptable standards. 

Our mission is straightforward: drive meaningful evolution. 

At Servicing Solutions, we defy norms, venture into uncharted territories, and pioneer advancements to deliver unmatched service quality. Our objective is clear: inject the sector with creativity, expertise, advanced analytics, and cutting-edge technology. We are dedicated to reshaping portfolio servicing by reshaping client interactions to be collaborative, relational, and transparent. 

Built on the pillars of collaboration, transparency, and relationship-building, Servicing Solutions acknowledges the stagnation and lack of innovation in traditional outsourcing practices. With a leadership team boasting decades of combined experience in servicing loans across various asset classes and credit profiles, we excel in managing portfolios experiencing rapid expansion and revitalizing underperforming ones. Leveraging our expertise, we fuse best practices with state-of-the-art technologies, seamlessly integrating world-class data analytics with human intuition. The outcome? A novel approach to loan servicing that prioritizes the customer journey and optimizes returns. 

In addition to our core services encompassing primary loan servicing, Embedded Servicing as a Service (ESaaS), backup loan servicing, servicing oversight, and specialty loan servicing, we offer comprehensive support across the entire spectrum of loan servicing needs. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence ensures our clients receive tailored attention and cutting-edge solutions necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic market environment. Partnering with Servicing Solutions guarantees exceptional service, innovative solutions, and steadfast support every step of the way.

This partnership with the NAF Association marks a significant step forward in our journey. It not only enhances our capabilities in compliance and regulatory adherence but also reaffirms our dedication to positively impacting the loan servicing industry. Through this alliance, we are poised to further our mission, leveraging the training and development opportunities provided by NAF to foster a culture of excellence and innovation at Servicing Solutions.