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Loan Servicing: Partnering with Experts

An efficient and effective collections process is crucial for businesses to maintain a healthy cash flow and minimize financial risk. Managing those processes in-house can be daunting and time-consuming, but outsourcing these activities offers a valuable solution. Businesses can reap numerous advantages by entrusting this critical function to a specialized service provider. Today, we will explore some of the benefits of this practice.


Specialized Resources:

When companies outsource certain activities, it allows them to leverage the expertise and experience of professionals in the BPO/Loan Servicing space. Loan servicers employ trained staff who understand intricacies of the process, such as compliance and legal standards – more on that later. Through outsourcing, businesses gain access to a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and best practices that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of their collections efforts, ultimately improving the overall benefit of the process.


Strategic Focus:

Collections activities can be time-consuming and distract from a company’s core objectives. Businesses are challenged daily to prioritize actions and systems that generate revenue. Customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction are three activities that contribute to the success of an organization heavily but typically require depth in headcount and alignment with the company’s strategic and cultural initiatives.  Companies can more easily point their internal resources to priority functions such as sales, product development, and customer service when they outsource, ultimately leading to stronger customer relationships and better long-term results.


Cost Efficiency:

One of the primary advantages of outsourcing loan servicing activities is cost savings. Maintaining an in-house collections team requires a significant investment in recruiting, hiring, training, salaries, benefits, and infrastructure. Alternatively, outsourcing this branch of an organization allows businesses to benefit from economies of scale and cost-sharing. Loan servicers possess the infrastructure and resources to typically handle these processes at a lower cost per account, ultimately reducing the overall cost of collections. Additionally, these servicers have proven expertise in negotiation and dispute resolution and access to advanced tools like skip tracing services to accelerate the collections process, leading to faster payment recoveries and better customer journeys. Reducing the time it takes to collect outstanding debts and minimizing write-offs can improve a company’s cash flow and maintain a healthier financial position.


Growth and Malleability:

Outsourcing collections activities allows businesses to scale and be flexible, especially during peak periods or when dealing with a sudden surge in delinquent accounts. Loan servicers can more seamlessly ramp up their operations to handle increased volumes, ensuring businesses can handle the demands of debt collection. Furthermore, outsourcing allows for tailored strategies to specific business needs, such as customized approaches by segment, type of debt, and other demographic distinctions. Providing bespoke services can lead to a better experience for companies and their customers.


Compliance and Legal Expertise:

Debt collection practices are highly regulated, and non-compliance can lead to severe legal consequences and damage a company’s reputation. Loan servicers are well-versed in these laws and regulations and can help businesses mitigate the risks associated with infringement. By outsourcing these activities, businesses can ensure compliance with applicable laws governing collections, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Staying up to date with changes in legislation directly impacts the reduction of risk in non-compliance and potential legal issues for businesses.


Outsourcing loan servicing activities can be vital in a company’s effort to reach its goals. By partnering with a reputable loan servicer, businesses can remain focused on activities that generate revenue while leaving the various challenges of the ever-evolving loan servicing world to those living and breathing in it daily.


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