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Servicing Solutions Chooses Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant to Enhance the Customer Experience

Servicing Solutions today announced that it is partnering with Interactions, LLC, the leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) for enterprise brands. Through this partnership, Servicing Solutions will deploy Interactions’ award-winning Intelligent Virtual Assistants to increase efficiency, reduce risk and bring a modernized customer experience to its clients’ portfolios.

“Interactions’ IVA is yet another innovative tool at our disposal as we look for ways to improve performance, boost efficiency and guarantee consistency for our clients—all while streamlining the customer experience,” said Sean Bennett, director of business technology, Servicing Solutions. “This technology will allow our skilled customer service reps and collectors to focus on issues that require more attention, while providing ease-of-use and convenience to customers with more routine issues or inquiries.”

The use of conversational AI is especially important for the loan servicing industry as portfolios continue to look for ways to increase efficiency without losing the human touch—a trait that Interactions is known for. Interactions IVA will add a layer of consistency and process to Servicing Solutions, meaning representatives can easily serve consumers in the most effective manner, while adhering to all regulatory compliance statutes.

Unlike traditional customer service technologies, Interactions IVA is built on the company’s patented Adaptive Understanding™ platform, which seamlessly blends artificial intelligence with human understanding to provide human-like conversations and significantly improved customer experiences. As opposed to dated technologies that focus on simply containing or routing customers, Interactions IVA is able to take on tasks that were previously only achievable by live agents.

“Technological advancements continue to provide efficiencies to our loan servicing process,” said Louis Ochoa, president and CEO, Servicing Solutions. “With Interactions, we’re able to add a layer of consistency and cost savings while improving the customer experience.”

“Interactions is excited to work with Servicing Solutions to offer the technology needed to address some of their industry’s long-standing challenges: efficiency, consistency and a streamlined customer experience,” said Jim Freeze, CMO at Interactions. “With Interactions IVA, Serving Solutions is adding a valuable asset to its suite of innovative tools that will allow the company to provide the best customer experience possible while helping clients and consumers manage their debts.”

About Servicing Solutions

Servicing Solutions is a full-service beginning to end loan servicing solution powered by compliance, technology, analytics, and a management team of experienced industry leaders. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Servicing Solutions has additional Class A call center facilities in Orange, California and Tijuana, Mexico. The company’s core management team has been intact for the past 13 years and has serviced all asset types across the credit spectrum. For more information, visit or call 844-90-SOLVE.

About Interactions

Interactions provides Intelligent Virtual Assistants that seamlessly assimilate conversational AI and human understanding to enable businesses to engage with their customers in highly productive and satisfying conversations. With flexible products and solutions designed to meet the growing demand for unified, omnichannel customer care, Interactions is delivering unprecedented improvements in the customer experience and significant cost savings for some of the largest brands in the world. Founded in 2004, Interactions is headquartered in Franklin, Massachusetts with additional offices worldwide. For more information, visit